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I refer all of our clients to Cara Care for their private duty needs. The Cara Care aides are kind, caring and capable. They are knowledgeable, reliable and dependable. All of our clients have been extremely pleased with the superb service they have received from Lydia and her aides.


~ Janis RSD

"Cara Care meant everything to my dear friend as the client and to us, her friends and advocates! The kind, gentle and light-hearted spirit of each of your staff improved the quality of my dear friend's life so very much! She looked forward to each day with Cara Care rather than dreading it!


The respect and dignity that the Cara Care staff exemplified each day, no matter what the circumstances, as they interacted with my friend will always be remembered and cherished.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

~ Audrey

We have found that in having three caregivers during the 7 day week Evelyn enjoys the differences in their personalities and the varied interactions between them. Previously to contracting with Cara Care we were provided services by 2 other agencies. In both cases my sister Evelyn did not feel comfortable with the individuals who cared for her during the day and would say to me that she did not want them in her house or ask me to tell them to go home. This left our family with a very uneasy feeling. Since the Cara Care staff have been with her she is much happier and more willing to participate in activities with them. I know that she has quality care during the day and is enjoying herself as well. So, at 80 years old my sister is visiting the hairdresser, the nail salon, participating in senior citizen social activities and other varied daily outings. Also, in having a few people know my sister and her needs has made it possible for the agency to provide consistent care if any specific caregiver is not available. Under previous agencies, if a caregiver was absent we did not have a replacement for the day.


Our family is very pleased with the quality and professionalism of the Cara Care staff and we highly endorse the agency for it's performance, reliability and service.

~ Roger (Evelyn's brother)

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience with the Cara Care Agency of home care. Twenty months ago I hired this agency led by Lydia Madden. My 94-year-old aunt had just received a feeding tube and hoped she could have just one more summer at home to enjoy her porch.

Lydia promised me what I call “wrap around care,” which means she would make sure that one of her caregivers would be with her every minute. If one girl was sick, Lydia would arrange for another to take her place. Another bonus was that Lydia would assess and provide the supplies, then send me a bill. This was a Godsend because I live three hours away from my aunt.

I am extremely pleased with the care my aunt received! First, the caregivers were trained in the specifics of using that type of feeding tube. From then on, they did everything she needed from feeding and medicating her to exercising her and taking her to the hospital on multiple occasions. I guess you might expect that. They even stayed with her all the time she was in the hospital to advocate for her and provide continuity.

But, what you might not expect is the degree to which they went out of their way. They set her hair, polished her nails, and let her choose outfits. The girls brought her onto her porch, took her for car rides, and brought her flowers. They talked about fashion, watched her favorite TV shows, and brought her puzzle books. The girls shared stories about their families, and they sat with her as she looked through picture albums telling them about her life.

The girls kept the house clean and organized. Even though she was incontinent at times, the house never smelled of urine. The five caregivers worked as a team. When one was ready to start her shift, the other stayed to give a report of what had happened on the previous shift. The transition was seamless. Even when it wasn’t her day, each would call in to check on my aunt’s condition. In addition, Lydia had the girls write down what happened in detail so all of us could refer to it throughout the 20 months. They also kept me informed, by phone, of any changes or concerns. The girls also worked well with VNA and Hospice personnel.

The girls were patient, gentle, and kind beyond words. They smiled at her idiosyncrasies and tolerated her demands. Knowing that my aunt and I would appreciate this, some of the caregivers let her pray and some prayed aloud with her. When death was imminent, they held her, reassured her, and talked to her about being reunited with her husband, parents, and siblings. Since I could not be there to have these difficult talks, I was very relieved that they were willing to do that.

I hired the girls of the Cara Care agency to take care of my aunt’s medical needs. But, they soon became our friends who surrounded her with love and tenderness until her last breath.

I would highly recommend these people to anyone who needs such around-the-clock care.


~ Bev

We would like to say how thankful we are for finding the perfect agency to care for our Mum.


We tried several other agencies and were not happy with their services. I actually asked some people from the other agencies to leave after an hour with my Mum It was extremely frustrating.


Then we found Cara Care and it we knew that our prayers were answered. We met the owners of Care Care and we had the opportunity to meet the Care Givers and give our approval before they came to care for our Mum.


Our situation is also very different. My Mum lives with us and so the Care Givers also essentially live with us. They are warm and caring and we feel that our Mum is safe when we leave.


We thank God each day for Cara Care and would recommend them to anyone.


~ Susan


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